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A Cybersecurity Podcast for Non-Technical Leaders

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Cyber Frontiers with Andrzej 

A Podcast Series for "Cyber Whales" - 

CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Candidates for Public Office, Government Officials, Celebrities, Journalists, Activists, & ALL Other Leaders Hackers Love and are After

- and Their Families and Organizations

Episode 2:

Why Your Organization's Cybersecurity Policies Are Putting You & Your Board At Risk

July 3, 2020

Drawing on personal experience and expertise, in this second episode, Andrzej discusses the current dangerous gap between (1) the cybersecurity of organizations and their employees generally, and (2) the three layers of cybersecurity risk organizational VIPs – from C-Suites and Boards to Political Candidates in Campaigns and Small/Medium Enterprise Entrepreneurs/CEOs – face from the significantly higher cyber threat landscape that’s after them specifically.

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Episode 1:

How I Used My Pain to Embark On A Mission

To Cybersecure Thousands Of Leaders Globally

June 22, 2020


By providing a deeply authentic & personal story of how he came to focus on the cybersecurity of our world’s leaders, in this inaugural Episode, Andrzej provides our CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Government

Officials, Journalists, Activists, Celebrities, & All Other Leaders privy to

digital information that nefarious threat actors are after, a thorough

account of why they need to take their own personal, professional, & organizational cybersecurity seriously.

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As the think tank division of Cyber Nation Central, producing digital products for its customers, Cyber Frontiers  arms global leaders – the trend-setters and culture-influencers for their organizations and beyond – with strategic cybersecurity knowledge – technical, organizational, and policy – they need to be better leaders in the new, exponentially-expanding digital world. 

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